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Escrow Accounting Services that generate low-cost deposits and improve profitability.


EASY Escrow is an escrow accounting system that helps banks increase core deposits and significantly increases their profit margin by widening the spread between interest income and expense.    EASY Escrow will solve the administrative problems experienced by attorneys, realtors, municipalities, property management companies, 1031 exchanges and or any organization responsible for escrow account management.

Bank Benefits

  • Generates low-cost deposits

  • Levels the playing field with competition

  • Reduces bank administrative maintenance

  • Increases sales opportunities & market share

  • Adds a valuable service to your product offering

Customer Benefits

EASY Escrow is a product that will respond to your customer's needs.  Our product solves the administrative problems experienced by attorney, realtors, municipalities, landlords and any other organization responsible for escrow account management.  Additional Benefits to your customer include: 

  • The flexible Master Escrow Account allows for processing of all types of escrow clients and is designed to accept an unlimited number of individual sub-accounts

  • Provides Audit Trail

  • Insures legal compliance 

  • FDIC insures each sub-account deposit up to $250,000


Customized Reporting

We provide you with electronic reports that are easy to read and understand.

Daily and Monthly Reports

  • Accrued Interest for accurate sub-account closings

  • 1099 Printing & IRS Reporting


  • Special reporting as required by law for various escrow types​​

  • Historical Reports

  • Customized reports available to meet your client's needs

Paragon Data services offers more than operational support.  We assist you in acquiring new customers by providing: 

Professional Sales & Marketing Support

On-site sales training to customer-facing employees that will increase sales knowledge and comfort with presenting EASY Escrow


Participate in joint sales calls to increase close ratio on sales opportunities 


Assistance in identifying and educating your business development team on your target market

Operational support and training to aid with set-up and use of the product to ensure a seamless addition of EASY Escrow and an outstanding customer experience


Find out how Paragon Data Services can help you attract new business and keep existing customers.

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