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Paragon Data Services is a New Jersey-based corporation that has served the banking industry for over 45 years.  We have been helping small to medium-sized financial institutions generate a significant amount of low-cost deposits.  With our EASY Escrow product, your bank will increase your profit margin and competitive edge, while providing a valuable service for your most important customers.


When you choose to partner with Paragon Data Services, you not only get an Escrow Accounting Service, you get a team of professionals with experience and knowledge that will ensure your success.  Our highly trained sales team will provide extensive sales and marketing support to help identify and close new business.  Our operations team will assist you with the day to day reporting to help support your needs.  They will also help deliver an outstanding customer experience that will bring customers back for years to come.


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Our Team

Eugene Corno Jr., President

Tel: 973-331-0400 |  Eugene.Corno@paragonescrow.com



Sandra Corno, General Partner

Tel: 973-331-0400 |  Sandra.Corno@paragonescrow.com



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