EASY Escrow is an escrow accounting system that helps banks increase core deposits and significantly increases their profit margin by widening the spread between interest income and expense.    EASY Escrow will solve the administrative problems experienced by attorneys, realtors, municipalities, property management companies, 1031 exchanges and or any organization responsible for escrow account management.

About Us


  •  Generates low-cost deposits


  •  Levels the playing field with competition


  • Reduces bank administrative maintenance


  • Increases sales opportunities and market share


  • Adds a valuable service to your product offering  

Paragon Data Services is a New Jersey-based corporation that has served the banking industry for over 45 years.  We have been helping small to medium-sized financial institutions generate a significant amount of low-cost deposits.  With our EASY Escrow product, your bank will increase your profit margin and competitive edge, while providing a valuable service for your most important customers.

A more profitable future!

The EASY System

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